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Christy wrote on 2015-10-14

I suffered with severe TMJ pain. I was about to loose hope that I would ever be able to live without horrible pain. I researched this acupuncture practice as almost a last resort. I wish I knew sooner that Dr Li was so gifted. She's a humble practitioner... I was and am a believer in the accuracy of this treatment. I am so grateful we chose each other. Dr Li is authentic! I am 98% pain free after a series of treatments. No pain meds or surgery. Thank you so much:)

Lisa wrote on 2015-01-13

I came to Acupuncture Wellness Center after being diagnosed with Uveitis in both eyes. I had seen two eye specialists as well as my opthamologist. The specialist put me on an extremely high dose (1 drop every hour in each eye) of steroids and told me that if I didn't do this I would go blind. They also assured me that the steroids would undoubtedly cause glaucoma and cataracts. Needless to say I was more worried than when this began. I decided to seek out alternative therapy to heal the root cause of the problem and get me off the steroid drops. Yueling was the only acupuncturist in Virginia that had experience with uveitis. I began going to her even though I was in Richmond and she was in Lynchburg.

The first thing she did was change my diet completely. Even though I thought I ate pretty healthy she immediately eliminated all wheat, dairy, sugar, coffee, meat and non organic food from my diet. The acupuncture treatments targeted the specific areas where the pain was originating. Yueling would give me additional time in treatment because she knew how far I had driven to get there. I began to feel better and stronger. I went to a top uveitis specialist in Boston to confirm that I was in deed getting better and could slowly withdraw from the steroids. He agreed.

It has been a year and I am now steroid free and uveitis free. I am also much healthier thanks to Yueling and have taken full control of my health. I am so frustrated that the doctors I trusted never even considered a whole body approach to my health and were only interested in treating the symptoms with very toxic means. I am forever grateful to Yueling because she truly cared and helped me to be healthy.

Thanks so much!


Heather wrote on 2014-08-21

I was struggling with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for years, at first I was put on numerous birth control pills to alleviate the symptoms. Once I decided that I wanted to start a family my doctor quickly realized that I did not ovulate regularly because of the PCOS. I was then put on various medications to stimulate ovulation after a year of multiple medicines including fertility drugs I still was not able to conceive, but I had been through enough and decided to take a break from it all. In May of 2013, I spoke with my doctor about starting the fertility treatments again, but my doctor wanted me to wait 2 months to see if I was ovulating on my own, I was not. In June of 2013, I did some research and found some information that Acupuncture may help me, that led me to Dr. Li. My first visit was on June 29th, after much discussion about what was going on Dr. Li informed me that my body was out of balance and we needed to get my body back in balance before I conceived. I starting receiving Acupuncture every Saturday morning and quickly realized that I felt much better, slept better, had more energy and also after our meetings started eating better and my cycles were becoming more regular. In September I was able to start the fertility medicine with my regular doctor and with the help of Acupuncture I became pregnant the very first month I tried!!! My beautiful daughter was born May 23rd of 2014 after years of "trying" and I truly believe that she would not be here had I not found Acupuncture and Dr. Li. Thank you!!!

Carol wrote on 2014-01-07 

In September of 2010, my husband and I were enjoying a beach vacation. One day, while combing my hair, a large "chunk" came out. This happened several more times and in a period of two weeks the rest of my hair was completely gone.

I went to my internist who ordered blood work to rule out Lupus or a Thyroid problem. The results were negative. I then went to my Dermatologist, who took a biopsy sample, and the results were negative. My hair loss was called Alopecia Areata, simple hair loss, but on the extreme end. The Dermatologist mentioned steroidinjections, with no certainty they would work. I passed on this.

I was completely devastated. It just seemed that no one could help me.

Fortunately, I soon learned about Dr. Yueling LI, Oriental Medical Doctor, and is a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In regarding about Alopecia I found that Acupuncture was a possible treatment.

I immedicately made an appointment with Dr. Li and she began an acupuncture regimen to treat the hair loss and the autoimmune system. Other treatments included traditional Chinese Herbs, tapping with an instrument called"seven stars" (7 blunt needles to stimulated blood to the hair follicles), suction cups, and rubbing fresh ginger on my scalp.

As time passed, my hair began to return but then would fall out again. This continued for about 2 years until finally it all came back, quite fine. It has since thickened up. 

During all this time, Dr. Li was very supportive, sympathetic, and was a real morale booster. I am very grateful for what she has accomplished. We both agree that part of the success came from very early treatment which kept the hair follicles from dying. I am still getting Acupuncture and will continue to do so, as long as Dr. Li thinks it is necessary.

Thank you Dr. Li


Georg wrote on 2013-10-13

When I came to Dr. Li's praxis about eight months ago, I suffered from sleeplessness, anxieties, depression and other ills because of family and personal issues. Dr. Li stabilized me mentally and physically, and she has brought back my inner strength. I feel vigorous and energetic, and I know Dr. Li's treatment is the reason. Thank you for turning my life around!


Peter wrote on 2013-06-17

Dear Dr. Li,

I came under your care with severe and complex nerve damage resulting from a low back surgery. I presented with multiple symptoms that were very problematic for me in my activities of daily living. Through acupuncture and your skill, I experienced significant improvement in the symptoms that you initially treated. While I have a long road to recovery on the numerous other symptoms that resulted from this surgery, I believe my best chance of recovery is to travel that road with you. 

Your desire to improve the health of your patients is incredible. Your compassion and deep commitment to our well being is an integral part of your success in restoring our health. You are a brilliant practitioner of the healing arts. Thank you for all your good care.


"Do you really care about your patients ? "

Was my first question to Dr Li. I could hear the smile in her voice when she said yes. 

After 15 years of suffering chronic pain and trying almost everything in the way of treatment. The above question was the most important to me. Specially after having ones in the medical field tell me " I know your pain is frustration but i didn't know what to do for you. Sometime we just have to live with pain." 

I was in pain seven days a week 24 hour a day. After four session with Dr Li i started to feel relief no longer suffering in pain every day and we are still making great progress now i can go weeks at a time without pain. To live one day with pain after 15 years of chronic pain is like a breath of fresh air.

Dr Li's commitment, devotion, professional care, for her patients is outstanding ! This try of care has it's own healing effect or power. 

Dear Dr Li, Thank you for the goodness you have brought me and your help to heal me physically and emotionally by renewing my hope to have a pain free life.


Jon wrote on 2012-06-19 

Last year I was having tremendous hip pain to the point I could hardly stand for more than 10 minutes without extreme pain. I was told by an orthopedist that I should get start walking with a cane, take pain medication until it stopped helping and then he would need to give me a hip replacement. I went to Dr. Li and with 3 treatments I was able to not only walk without pain, I was able to do up to 20 minutes on the treadmill. Dr.Li is such a great person in her demeanor and professionalism. I am also skeptical of miraculous "cures", and I must say that some of the symptoms started coming back recently, but I returned to Dr. Li again and in 2 sessions was pain free again. I know that everyone will not have the same results as me (maybe they will), but it is certainly worth the money and a try to see if she can help you.


Kevin wrote on 2012-05-19 

It has been a little over a month since my last visit to Dr. Li, and I am still pain free. Having worked as an automotive technician for the last twenty years certain tasks had become painful. I had spent a few thousand dollars on different scans, medicines and more frequent visits to massage therapists. The relief from pain over the last few years has been sporadic and minimal at best; however, I intentionally waited to post this comment. Gladly, I am still pain free and should have considered acupuncture sooner. Dr. Li made no promises was very straightforward and through her expertise, compassion, and professionalism I feel great. I recommend paying her a visit even if you are the least bit skeptical. --Kevin

James wrote on 2011-11-06 

I have been dealing with iritis for about the last 7 months. After seeing my primary doctor, then an optometrist, and then an ophthalmologist. About mid-August the ophthalmologist prescribed oral steroids, a wonderful but equally nasty drug, and afterwards he noted that there was still some residual inflammation in my left eye but also a little in the right eye. So he referred me to another expert, a Uveitis specialist, and said due to the persistent iritis that they might recommend Methotrexate. Not really knowing what this was, I started doing a little research on my own. It is a cancer treatment drug and sometimes it is used in smaller doses over several years to treat eye problems like mine. The acknowledges side effects include possible lymphoma, lupus, MS, etc. You know that by now, I was getting a little upset and did not want to do this. Maybe it was better to go blind than to deal with the treatments....

Taking matters into my own hand and doing a lot of research led to many potential paths. I went to Ms. Yueling Li at Acupuncture Wellness Center in Lynchburg and she helped me more than any of the other experts spending hours of her time doing parallel research on this, treating me with acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After seeing her for about five or six times, taking her herbs, some special vitamins for the eyes, a little flax seed oil (high omega 3 fat), bilberry, practicing a little Tai chi, lots of green smoothies and fresh soups with the vita mixer..

The Uveitis specialist examined me for three hours last Friday and said my right eye was fine and aside from a lot of scare tissue, that my left eye was clear of any inflammation. He recommended that I start a gradual tapering off of the steroid drops which I had already cut in half over what the pervious doctor prescribed. Pretty unbelievable!! James

Teri wrote on 2011-04-26 

I have suffered with IBS for 6+ years and have had every test and dozens of medications. Still no relief. I started going to Dr.Yueling Li and she was very optimistic that she could help me but it would take several visits. After 4 visits I could tell a difference. I'm feeling so much better! I was afraid to believe that I was actually feeling better. It truly is a miracle. She started treating me for fibromyalgia with the acupuncture plus the herbs are making a big difference. I'm very blessed that a co-worker told me about her. She has given me back my life and I thought that would never happen. I would tell anyone to at least give this a try. Having someone actually listen to you and really trys with all their knowledge to help you is a blessing. 


Brenda wrote on 2011-01-31 

I started going to Yueling Li in September, 2009; to help with my TMJ, sore forearm and my allergies, which I have had for many years. Previously I took antihistamines year round, more during the pollen season. Ms. Li helped with all my problems as I saw her monthly or more. It wasn't until spring 2010 that I realized how improved I was. I quit taking the antihistamines and did not even need them during the worst pollen season ever. Many people who normally were not bothered with allergies were very affected this past year but amazingly, I was not. I realized that the many months of acupuncture had prevented my allergies from returning. That alone was worth the visits; however, Ms. Li helped with all my aches and pains; she is thorough and comprehensive, offering other treatment techniques as well. If you have not tried acupuncture I highly recommend it; however, do not expect instant results from what has developed over years. If you stay with her for a while, you will see results. Start now getting ready for the pollen season! You will not regret it.


Bud wrote on 2010-08-26 

As the former director of a Ph.D. clinical program at a major university, I know from experience that the best practitioners are those who are not only well trained clinically but who also continue to develop their skills through research, writing, and training other clinicians. Thus, in my search for an acupuncturist, I was very pleased to have found Dr. Li, who not only has extensive training and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, but also has continued to enhance her knowledge through teaching and research. I believe these qualifications have helped her to be successful with so many of her patients - certainly with me!

After 16 months of medical treatment for debilitating tendonitis in my elbow, I had experienced only minimal improvement. I began to research alternative treatments and discovered several research reports indicating that acupuncture often treats this condition successfully; so, I decided to give Dr. Li and acupuncture a try. I experienced significant improvement over the course of four treatments, and with an additional two sessions my elbow was basically back to normal. 

During my initial evaluation with Dr. Li, she learned that I was continuing to have back pain related to two previous back surgeries and that I was troubled by chronic allergies. So, during my acupuncture sessions for tendonitis, she also treated me for those two conditions - three for the price of one! I have been amazed at the improvement in both my back pain ( that I have had for over 20 years) and in the allergies that had troubled me for 30 years.

In addition to Dr. Li's competency, I think her energetic, friendly, and compassionate nature significantly contribute to her successes. I have also been impressed with her clinical ethics. She is dedicated to creating the best clinical outcome for her patients and will extend a particular treatment session if she believes the extra time is needed. If she does not believe that acupuncture is the best approach for a certain condition, she will refer you elsewhere rather than waste your time and money. 

I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from my acupuncture treatments with Dr. Li and look forward to continuing treatments with her in the future as they are needed. -------Bud

A Mom wrote on 2010-02-25 

When I first brought my 16 year old daughter to Dr. Li, she had recently been told by her counselor that she may be bipolar. She also has ADD, and has been treated for anxiety and also depression. After many trial series of prescriptions for bipolar and equally as many bad side effects, I took her off all medication except for the ADD. 

It was then that I thought of acupuncture as a possible treatment for the ADD because I did not want to deal with any more medication side effects. I also wanted to know if PMS could also be a factor. I called Dr. Li after finding her name in the phone book. She took the time to answer all of my questions and hear all that I had been through with my daughter and told me that acupuncture could help her. 

Sure enough, as Dr. Li had said, it didn't happen after the first treatment, but four months have gone by and my daughter is a happier person. She even feels the difference and looks forward to the treatments because of the peace Acupuncture gives her. My daughter is still a typical teenager with all of the emotions, but the emotions are not controlling her and leading her to the impulsivity, anger and anxiety that she experienced before the treatments started. 

Dr. Li also controlled the PMS with herbs and that has made a big difference also. I was literally at the end of my rope trying to find help for my daughter and to find it without the use of medication was wonderful. 

Thank you Dr. Li.

--A mom

Victoria wrote on 2009-08-28 

I had struggled with migraine headaches for a little over four years before trying acupuncture. My migraines were frequent and severe, and interfered with my work and social life. After four sessions with Yueling, my migraines were less frequent and less severe, and now, after about a dozen sessions, I've been migraine free for two months. Yueling and acupuncture have made such an improvement in my life, and I would encourage anyone to give acupuncture a try for your health problems.


May wrote on 2009-07-27 

My allergies are worse in the spring season. I am allergic to all kinds of tree pollen. Each year around late March and April, I have to keep the house windows and doors shut all the time. I have tried many over-counter and prescribed Meds. The allergic symptoms got better with them. But they made me tired and drowsy all the time. I started acupuncture treatment with Yueling this April. Big surprise, I have noticed the difference after my first treatment. After 3 weeks (6 sessions) acupuncture treatments, I sneezed much less. My eyes were not as puffy as before. My energy is much better. Now I just come to see her twice a month for maintenance. Have an allergy, I highly recommend you to see Yueling and give a try on acupuncture.

Sara wrote on 2009-05-22 

I have been struggling with chronic headaches for 19 years (nearly every day). I have everything done and looked into over the years to remedy them with no success. Scans, neurology, allergy, chiropractor, medication...the whole nine yards. I have only seen Yueling 3 times and have noticed an improvement. After the second session, I didn't have a headache for 3 full days (awesome in my book). My headaches are certainly not gone for good just yet, but I've definitely been encouraged just in the first 3 sessions! Can't wait to be headache-free! Thanks,'re awesome!

Jane wrote on 2009-04-27 

It is a pleasure to describe my successful experience with acupuncture treatment. I had problems with a dry cough during the winter months and it usually lasted for several months. Despite repeated effort to cure my cough with traditional medical treatment, the cough persisted. I gave up hope after multiple visits to clinics and X-ray room.

I met Dr. Li and she introduced me to acupuncture. I was not sure it would work, but decided to gave it a try. I certainly enjoyed my first visit; Dr. Li gave me the confidence as a professional, and the cleanness of her clinic and equipment was impressive. She suggested a treatment process that consisted of multiple visits, and I noticed improvement after the first visit.

I appreciate that Dr. Li provides an alternative to traditional medicine. I have since referred my friends to Dr. Li and their experiences have been positive. I am glad that I made the right decision by seeing Dr. Li, and she has proved what acupuncture can do for me.

Debbie wrote on 2009-04-20

My name is Debbie, I am a 50+ year old woman and a couple of years ago I was hit hard with Arthritis. I had pain, stiffness and swollen joints to the point I was declared disabled because I could only raise my arms slightly and could only walk very short distances. I needed a wheelchair to get around. With each treatment, I am able to raise my arms higher and walk longer distances. I am pain free and the weather does not cause me problems anymore. I have less stiffness and the swelling in my joints has decreased. I recommend anyone in pain to try Acupuncture. Thank you Dr. Li.

Tami wrote on 2009-04-02 

I started to smoke 30 years ago when I was a teen. I smoked one and half packs per day for the past 20 years. I often experience shortness of breath and chronic cough. I tend to have sinus infections which last a very long time. Besides that I also suffer migraines at least 3 times a week. I have difficulty falling and staying sleep since when I was in college. I am tired all the time due to lack of sleep. 

My original intention for Yueling’s acupuncture treatment is for quitting my smoking. On that day, I also had a bad headache. To my surprise, my headache was much better after the treatment. I was really impressed for my first visit. 

After 5 acupuncture treatments, I only smoke 4-7 cigarettes a day. My craving for smoking is not as strong or as often as before. I can fall asleep easily and sleep through the night. My energy is much better now! I am happy with Yueling’s treatment. 

Jose wrote on 2009-03-14 

Acupuncture really works!

I am a 45-year old man and work as an auto mechanic. I sufferred back pain a lot. Sometimes it happened due to certain positions that required strength or my body to stretch out of the extraordinary. Sometimes it happened when I simply lifted my arm to reach something. Whatever the reason is, all I know is that I ended up with an excruciating pain on my back. 

I have tried different kinds of topical creams and patches that are sold over the counter. All of that helped me but it took too long to work. 

I was skeptical at the beginning and didn't want to have acupuncture treatments but my wife insisted. Until one day I said to myself oh well, I have nothing to lose. Finally I came to Yueling to have the acupuncture treatment done. I am glad I did so. To my surprise it worked !!!!!

Sometimes it only took twice acupuncture treatments for my back to feel much better, sometimes required more treatments, depending on how bad is my back pain. 

I definitely recommend Acupuncture to someone who suffers back pain like me.


heqin wrote on 2009-03-01 

Hello, it's a great honour for me to write the first testimonial on this webpage!

I am an engineer. I live in Hooper Woods of Forest, Virginia. 

I have never had any acupuncture treatments because I thought it might be hurt as many friends think. 

I want to say that my first several acupuncture treatments by Ms. Li have significantly healed constant neck and back pain that I have had for years (especially painful when I had a bad cold ^O^). 

The other problem I have is that I cannot fall asleep easily if I am waken up by my son or daughter - unfortunately they usually don't have good sleep either. My treatments are not done yet. But I know it works. I am getting much better now.

I have recommended it to several friends that have constant neck and back pain. I wish they can have a try. But they may not - there are alway people that cannot accept new stuff easily. But once they try acupunture, I believe they are going to love it.

Lionel wrote on 2012-11-30

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